Thursday, December 4, 2014

Confession Of A Seeker

Even as I strive for a life of order and reason
I often hunger for a glimpse of that deeper mystery
At times, I believe
that the essence of life is beyond explanation

There is a veil between myself
and that which I long for,
that which cannot be explained
That which drives me deep

Something calls from just
beyond my five physical senses
A yearning, a knowing
It comes in stillness or between sleep and waking

Sometimes from beyond the veil
one mystical note will trill
like a song of Pan or a siren's call
an echo of a recurring dream

Sometimes a hint of rare scent will waft
An essence that brings images of wild beauty
Those moments sustain me
although fleeting and soon forgotten

There is more than drudgery and senseless hedonism
More than logic, duty and routine
I search again and again for that glimpse of nameless joy
A human need as old as time

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