Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My husband's birthday today

Today is my husband's birthday. We are just going to have a quiet celebration at home. Money is tight, and he has said, like the good sport that he is, that his birthday presents are the power tools he bought to build the media cabinet. I normally object when necessary working tools double as gifts, (like a vacuum cleaner,) but if he genuinely enjoys wood working I suppose it's fair enough.

I did make him some really nice soap using coconut and olive oils and thirteen essential oils. It's cured enough to use. And I picked him up a couple of useful little gifts that won't necessitate any skipped meals.

Right now I'm making Mexican rice to go with the fajitas he requested for his birthday dinner. I baked the cake yesterday. It's a dark chocolate zucchini cake. Here is the place where I found the recipe:


I substituted the sugar for 1/3 cup of a stevia-milk sugar blend, and baked it in the slow cooker because we don't use the oven in the summer. It's not very sweet, but we'll top it with berries and serve it with raspberry sorbet.

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Elise said...

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